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During this stay at Ventadour’s castle, Pierre and Françoise taught me values of historical monuments as masterpieces and principal vectors of the memory of their time. They presented them to me as examples : understanding their strengths and weaknesses is a great way to enhance our contemporary creations.

Château de Ventadour, 2012

Castle from the XIIth century being renovated by Pierre & Françoise Potier since 1968.

Stairs building

Stairs that we built as a team with rocks coming from the direct surrounding of the castle that we cut ourselves.

Stone Cutting

Part of other activities, during my volontering period I have been introduced to stone-cutting. I have enriched my knowledges on the origin of rocks as well as understood in which way theses knowledges are important for construction. 

Thanks to a great stonemason, in addition to a scientific and technical understanding of the stones, I was able to grasp a more sensitive dimension related to textures, colors and different ways that a stone reacts to external aggressions.


Alice Choupeaux,  Architect MAA

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