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Graphite hand drawing
illustrating thoughts
on an architect’s writting extract.

“ The stairs steps must not exceed a half-foot height, and if we want them to be less hight, mostly for continuous and long stairs, this will make them more confortable, since one’s foot will work less its way up, but in no case shall they measure less than 4 inches. The width of the steps should never be smalller than a foot and never bigger than a foot and a half. ”

Andrea Palladio

Stairs and their different ways,
the number and the dimentions of the steps

Chapter XXVIII - Arthaud 1980

I have heard that in order to be creative, one must be free, I don’t agree. The more we are obliged to respect some rules, the more our creativity is spurred.

Andrea Palladio determines, in the paragraph above, the strict dimentions of stairs, relating them to the human body dimentions; the illustrations that we can bring show clearly that this protean being is a perfect example of an “inspiring-rule”.


Alice Choupeaux,  Architect MAA

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