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Lace Wall

Research project

“Lace Wall explores hybrid structures that combine elements in tension and compression. Here two elements of low stiffness – the fibreglass beam and the cable network – are combined to create one whole of high stiffness. The element is form active shaped by the interdependency between the elements that restrain each other.
Lace Wall is part of a larger investigation into the design and fabrication of form-active hybrid structures also including Hybrid Tower. The opportunity of these structures is that they enable the making of light structures of very low material intensity making them cheaper and of much lesser environmental impact.”

I assisted the development of “Lace Wall” at CITA (Center for Information Technology and Architecture) by building 1:1 prototypes and developping tilling systems. In parallel I worked with the parametric tools developed by Anders Holden Deleuran to design another type of active-bending structures (see the project Symbiosis).


Project leaders: Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen, Martin Tanke

Photo credits: Anders Ingvartsen (except for process pictures)

Video by Anders Holden Deleuran

Diagram byAnders Holden Deleuran

Alice Choupeaux,  Architect MAA

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