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Hide & Seek

Architecture, competition

Transforming an old swiss house into an after-school kid center.

Surrounded by a idyllic green environnement, this swiss house from the 18th century seems like coming from a fairytale. Already renovated in the end of the 19th century, this house has always been someone’s private home until its new destiny of being transform into a great children house. The project suggests to be respectful towards what already exist and to have a minimal intervention. This to keep the historical values of the building and its surroundings as well as to enhance the already existing home atmosphere of the house. By keeping the existing partitions but just adding a service island centralising them, the project has the ambition to suggest a dialog between yesterday domestic rooms and tomorrow educative spaces.

ENVAR, 2015

In colaboration with Interval Paysage for the landscape design

Project leaders: Laurent Bertshi, David Prudente

Design: Laurent Bertshi, David Prudente, Alice Choupeaux

Graphic design & drawings: Alice Choupeaux

Alice Choupeaux,  Architect MAA

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